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Thread: Yoda Sculpture 1:1 ESB Work in Progress

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    Yoda Sculpture 1:1 ESB Work in Progress

    I thought all my fellow Star Wars fans would like to see my roughed in sculpture of Yoda that I'm making. I posted some pics on the RPF forum. But considering the subject, it only seems appropriate to share my progress with all of you! Hope you approve!

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    That is some really good work,I like it..

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    That looks pretty amazing man...

    Congrats, make sure to keep us posted on your progress

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    Great work by far, you caught it all - the expression, the pose... I love it, keep posting!

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    that looks amazing
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    That looks bang on, ever notice how Yoda does a Bill Cosby thing with his face or maybe Bill Cosby did a Yoda thing with his face hmm. Either way it looks amazing.

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