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Thread: MR Millenium Falcon / Markings for LE & SE

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    MR Millenium Falcon / Markings for LE & SE

    Are there markings on the bottom of the MR Millenium Falcon to help differentiate between the SE and the LE? I bought a LE and was curious about where the marking is, if it exists at all. I've looked on the bottom but can't see anything. Thanks in advance for anyone who knows.

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    "Its markings match those of the ship that blasted its way out of Mos Eisley".

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    There you go.
    Always a pleasure to meet a Jedi.

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    Thanks for the closeup! Crystal clear!

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    You know.. I curse the day when I decided not to buy MF only because it is missing one of its laser turrets! I thought to myself 'why the hell would a company make a PRECISE replica but decide to take out the laser turrets only because they need to mount this with an artistic pose?'

    Now, anytime I see a photo of the falcon, I just realize how much I want it is written if the Evil Spirit arms the Tiger with claws, Brahman provided wings for the Dove...Thus spoke the Super Guru

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