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Thread: Hasbro Inhumanoids 1986

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    Hasbro Inhumanoids 1986

    I remember seeing Metlar, Tendril, and the skeleton guy when I was 5 or six and begged my parents to buy them. "I had enough toys I didn't play with anymore " Anyway I thought was a really cool line. Can't go wrong with giant plastic monsters and robo humans riding in cool vehicles.
    I'd like to put a set together sometime for display, investment and personal joy. Anybody else have fond memories?
    Or am I being obtuse?

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    I liked these. I had a handful of the dudes. The guy in yellow armor and the guy in blue armor. My neighbor pal had the other two dudes and the big monster with the opening rib cage.

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    These are awesome. A guy I used to trade toys with as a kid had the magma dude, but we didn't work out a deal. I did get a TMNT foot solider off him and then immediately broke his head off throwing him around that afternoon.

    Anyway, yeah, I'd love to get my hands on a Tendril. That's the grail for my swamp monster focus.

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