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Thread: What do you think about my repro?

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    What do you think about my repro?

    I had an itch to get into a new project this past Spring and finally determined to work on one that I had been putting off for several years. Around 2000 or 2001, I was into prop making/collecting pretty heavily. I later heard of guys making large scale vintage style weapons and thought it was a really neat idea. This ended up being a little more of a challenge than I originally thought, but I am pleased with the outcome. Btw, I couldn't help myself and had to throw an oversized dime in the photo The gun is cast in matching blue/black resin and bares a resemblance to several different variations of the rebel blaster (no single one - I don't think). When doing the research, I was blown away at how many variations are out there! Kudos to those of you who have catalogued your findings on these forums and the web! Those findings were very helpful Below is the rebel blaster mounted on a mocked up stand. I'm thinking about doing the stilts in acrylic, but haven't decided yet.

    Shot from behind:

    top angles:

    And for anyone concerned that this is actually a 3 3/4 repro:


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    That is amazing!

    Do you have any plans to do and sell others? I would totally buy a Storm Trooper one!

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    As i said previously Josh, one of each of whatever you're making!!

    Seriously they turned out even better than i imagined!!

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    Very cool. It would be a great companion to my MR Han Solo blaster.

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    Fantastic! I too would like one!
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    Does it float?

    I like it, and the stand with the name plate, nice touch.
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    Very nicely done Josh.
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    Sweet work Josh, that looks sleek bro, you should be selling those mate, im sure there would be a few takers as indicated with the other comments in this thread, its a very professional job mate.

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    Wow! That is truly amazing.

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