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    Case ratios

    Why can't we get back to two figures per case, six new figures at a time? Last year's "Lost Line" was proof that this works. These figures moved off of the pegs...even Sandtroopers. I understand the reason for an entire case of new figures, but it seems like the plan to double pack only a couple figures is a waste. Since The Black Series (3-3/4") is the collector line, and a lot of collector's buy every figure anyway, doesn't it make sense to satisfy as many collector's as possible from every case? OR keep them out of stores and give us better access through HTS or other online distributors. I thought the final VC wave was great and I will be doing business with BBTS a lot more in the future.

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    GREAT IDEA! ...if they were giving collectors figures that we actually wanted! Can we say ERG, IMP, or Echo Trooper x2 per case? HECK YEAH, these are things that make us happy! Not ANOTHER Anakin or Kool-Aid Clonetrooper, WE HAVE THOSE BY THE DOZENS ALREADY!!! BTW Hasbro, NO SANDTROOPERS of any kind for at least the next 3-5 years! We're beginning to think someone on the team has some sort of strange fetish with them!
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    2x per case for every figure won't work. I saw a lot of Jars Jars and even some clones sit for a while from those LL cases last year. The only figure that flew off the shelves from that wave was the sandtrooper.

    However, as KiAdiRandy said, double up troopers like the INC, ERG, RT, EBT and through in some cool one-offs like Ponda Baba or Bastilla Shan and we'd be in business.
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