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Thread: E11 Stormtrooper Blaster Power Cylinders Project ( Very detailed & pic heavy )

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    E11 Stormtrooper Blaster Power Cylinders Project ( Very detailed & pic heavy )

    Hi guys,

    Sergiu (JKNO) suggested that people on this forum might enjoy seeing the results of my E11 Power Cylinders project over on FISD.
    It's been a fascinating project and is nearly at an end now.

    Here are some clickable links:

    The research & development thread over at FISD (29 pages long)

    A 39 page downloadable pdf containing most of the project research and conclusions:

    A 21 page downloadable pdf of my finished E11 Replicas (with five different Power Cylinders variations):

    Full acknowledgements of everyone who has contributed to the project are on the final "Credits, Thanks & Links" pages of both pdfs.

    I hope you enjoy seeing the results as much as I've enjoyed the project

    Cheers, Andy
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    These metal cylinders are the most accurate to date. There are other fan made out there, but they pale in comparison. The research done for these is simply insane. And the cylinders (as well as Hengstler counters and tank scopes) are critical parts for any good Stormtrooper blaster - the MR stormie blaster is nice as it, but it lacks the cool greeblies like these cylinders - besides you might remember the protoype E-11 MR wanted to release which already had these cylinders (and Hengstler). The good thing is these cylinders can be attached to a MR Stormtrooper blaster without any problems, Andy offering them with thin strong earth magnets on the base. He has them for sale here and on RPF and FISD (44 pre-orders just on FISD already)

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