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Thread: FS: E11 Power Cylinders - Upgrade your Stormtrooper Blaster with screen-ac metal sets

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    FS: E11 Power Cylinders - Upgrade your Stormtrooper Blaster with screen-ac metal sets

    I'll soon be offering cheaper resin version of these Power Cylinders:


    Hi Guys,

    Some of you will have seen my (inaccurately-named) "3 fuses..." thread since it started well over a year ago so you'll know I've spent a long time getting my own Power Cylinders as accurate as possible. (Click on the photos below to download the full pdf.)

    I'm now selling the 5 different shapes (A to E) made from steel, brass & aluminium, just like the originals, soldered exactly the same way, with the rear components, zinc-plated where appropriate, painted & weathered to match the relevant screenshots.

    To see how I worked out the designs for the finished replicas you can download this pdf which analyses the original Cylinders:

    You can also read the full "3 fuses" research project thread here

    The prices including PayPal fees and Royal Mail tracked & insured postage & packing: (Please see photos below for examples of the 4 different types of capacitors)

    With standard capacitors (all aluminium, no text): UK 99 / Europe 105 / Rest of the World 108
    With REAL vintage 5mm capacitors : UK 107 / Europe 113/ Rest of the World 116
    With REAL vintage 5mm capacitors & my screen accurate text decals : UK 113 / Europe 119 / Rest of the World 122
    With my scratch-built, hand-made UBER capacitors: UK 119 / Europe 126 / Rest of the World 129

    I don't need any payment until your Cylinders are ready to ship. If you change your mind or have a problem paying at that time I can pass your set to the next person who wants that shape.

    To be added to the list, please post:

    1) Your name
    2) The letter & name of the shape(s) you want,
    3) Which type of capacitors you'd like (See above for photos & different prices)
    4) If you're choosing Shape A, whether you'd like yours "UNweathered" or "PDF weathered" like the set in my Replicas pdf (very chipped front end caps, gunk on the outer cylinders & lots of weathering powder).

    The order list will be kept updated here:

    THE "STANDARD" CAPACITORS are the middle set in this photo below. They're aluminium like the originals but made from one piece, rather than having separate self-coloured bungs. It's impossible to drill a 0.7mm hole through 26mm of aluminium so I drill a 2mm hole most of the way through, finish off with 0.7mm and then fill in the hole. The photo shows one of the holes unfilled. (The set on the left are a plastic version I also considered.):




    if anyone wants their weathering different to the ones in my Replicas pdf please PM me a drawing or photo of how you'd like the weathering so I can copy it. I'll do my best to make your Cylinders look like your picture.

    All the shapes would be screen-accurate to use but if you want to recreate a particular screen-identified blaster you can read the "Screen-Identified Shapes" section of the Analysis pdf or look at the photos in the Replicas pdf. (Follow the links in my signature banner)

    If you can't decide which shape to have you can PM me with details of your blaster (type of scope, shape of scope rail, whether you have a Hengstler counter or curly wires) & I can tell you which Cylinder shapes would be screen-identifiably accurate on your blaster.

    Have fun choosing!

    Cheers, Andy
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    As I already said on FISD and RPF a really fantastic job on the research for these awesome prop replicas. Great accuracy and excellent workmanship on the cylinders.My order is still there at FISD for metal cylinders A and B "uber" versions.

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    It's been a long time coming but the first few Certificated Cylinders have now been sent out & more are hot on their heels!

    For photos, feedback & updates head over to FISD: Screen Accurate Power Cylinders Sales Thread

    Cheers, Andy
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    Cannot wait for mine to arrive!! These are AWESOME!!

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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