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Thread: General Grievous: Unstoppable or Cowardly?

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    General Grievous: Unstoppable or Cowardly?

    Been rewatching the 2003 Clone Wars series and doing comparisons with the 2008 Clone wars series and since both versions are very different I ask you...

    Was grievous best when he was virtually unstoppable threat yet a considerably overpowered threat, or when he was a more cowardly yet cunning underpowered threat.

    Now Grievous has always been one of my favorite characters in Star Wars, (in a way he was my generation's equivalent to Boba Fett) and it all started with the first time I witnessed his appearance in the 2003 Clone Wars. The dude didn't mess around, he was like a cybernetic tornado clearing out everyone in his path yet there is that debate that he was a bit much, where as in the 2008 series he was more a plotter and whenever he fought he would always get bested only to run away and have his droids back him up. Though episodes like Lair of Grievous and Massacre show him as being bad*** and rekindling that flame he had in the micro series it never seemed consistent (Grievous has droids help break up the battle between him and Ventress).

    What do you guys think which do you prefer?
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    I always liked him better in the old cartoon. He just seemed like more of the badas* he should be in that show. In TCW, they kinda seemed to tone him down a bit, wasn't a big fan of that. TCW made him out to be more like Piett or Veers from the OT, in which while he was a great general, he didn't do much of the fighting himself. He was also great in the comics, particularly the Republic comics. But, I still liked some of his moments in TCW, with Lair of Grievous being one of my favorite episodes.
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    Definitely mini series, he was a serious boss. I think in TCW they went for the sith way, live to fight another day. He did have an impressive collection of lightsabers, so that in itself tells you he was one not to mess with.

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    The miniseries over exaggerated things. Grievous was just another Durge on that cartoon.
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    Agreed. I prefer Grievous from ROTS and TCW. He had more personality. He was also still pretty bad*ss when he needed to be, but not in an over the top way.
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    Fair enough that is a major fault of the series, I will argue though that the Jedi themselves were pretty over the top as well though (seriously Windu could just punch the crap out of droids) and having someone just as monstrous helped balance things out.
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    I for one believe Mace COULD.
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    It was indeed over the top, that first series, but it shoulda been. Keepin up with those heavyweight films you just had to do it in such a way IMO. That's what cartoons do. I still like that series more than the actual long run of the 08 CN series; do I like the 08 series -of course I do, but I've always leaned towards the micro series, no doubt. Grievous was awesome, but the newer TCW made him always run and duck, a li'l more than I'd expected, but it was part of the character's personality. Still love his med treatments in that series, but when I need a CW fix, to the micro series I often go.

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    TCW seemed to take away that fighting edge that the mini series gave him. We see his collection of lightsabers but not the fights that he captured them in. Savage kills more Jedi than he did. It would have been good to have the tactical side as well as the fighting side, that would explain why he was a threat.

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    My take, that first time we saw him in the micro series was also the first time the Jedi saw him. He had shock and awe on his side and no one knew what to expect so he was able to capitalize on the fear and wipe out a lot of people. Every contact after that would've added to the Jedi's knowledge of what to expect from him so he was never able to have the same effect in battle as he did on that first encounter, so he fell back on his body guards. Just my two cents
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