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Thread: FS: Large GI Joe 25th Anniversary lot (SOLD)

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    FS: Large GI Joe 25th Anniversary lot (SOLD)

    G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Collection lot of 23 carded figures, 17 loose figures, 5 Comic Packs & 2 multipacks. Im selling these for my brother and hes not interested in splitting up the set. Loose figures are in mint, card-fresh condition. Never played with or displayed. Complete with neatly clipped file cards or full cardbacks, and all accessories. I also have the box for the G.I. Joe 5 pack that accompanied the Cobra set, and all original pieces.


    Cobra Viper x3 (v16)
    Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver (v2)
    Duke (v26)
    Tiger Force Flint (v12)
    Spirit Iron-Knife (v3)
    Sgt. Stalker (v9)
    Cobra Commander (v31)
    Major Blood (v8)
    Iron Grenadiers Destro (v16)
    Cobra Commander (v28 Silver Armor)
    Zartan (v13)
    Serpentor (v4)
    Firefly (v14)
    Buzzer (v4)
    Snake Eyes (v35 Artic Trooper)
    Snake Eyes (v34)
    Lady Jaye (v6)
    Cobra Red Ninja
    Lt. Torpedo (v1)
    Ssgt. Rock n Roll (v1)
    Snow Job (v3)

    Comic Packs

    Firefly & Storm Shadow
    Destro & Cpl. Breaker
    Duke & Red Star
    Tomax & Xamot
    Dreadnok Torch & Dreadnok Ripper

    Senior Ranking Officers 3 Pack
    Duke, G.I. Joe Hawk, & Grunt

    Cobra 5 Pack
    Cobra Trooper, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Destro, & Baroness

    Shipwreck (v11)
    Cobra Commander (v25)
    Cobra Officer (v4)
    Duke (v23)
    Roadblock (v16)
    Cobra Air Trooper (v1)
    Cobra (x3)
    Gung Ho (v18)
    Storm Shadow (v22)
    Scarlett (v8)
    Sgt. Flash (v2)
    Beachhead (v10)
    Crimson Guard (v9)
    Flint (v11)
    Snake Eyes (v29)

    $400 takes it all, shipping included within the lower 48. Paypal gift or add 4%.

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    These ones are sold.
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