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Thread: ESSWCC & Dinner After NYC Comic Con

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    Smile ESSWCC & Dinner After NYC Comic Con

    We have three or four people so far but were hoping that other vintage collectors would meet for
    dinner at six or seven Saturday night after the show. It is October 12th. Anybody up for it?
    Completely open to ideas on where to eat also, it would just be cool to hang with fellow collectors.
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    Would have loved to make it, but already bought ticket for Friday -

    I'll keep eye on thread, maybe I'll meet up with you guys on Saturday anyway

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    Bumping it up! Have a few people, would love to have many, many more.
    Disclaimer: No vintage MOCs (or baggies) were harmed during the preparation of this post.
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    I am looking forward to this! I know a lot of NYC area collectors attend Comic Con and I can't wait to break bread with you all. i'm all in!

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    WIth all the traveling I've been doing of late, and I'm sure others are in the same boat, I haven't given NYCC much of a thought. Usually we get a good number of vintage collectors together and have a good time Saturday night. Last year we had about 20 go to John's Pizza off Times Square for dinner. The year before we had about 30 at a nearby restaurant. We certainly plan on doing dinner again and I mentioned it to Brian (DocAtomic) while we were in Seattle. I've heard The Beer Authority is a good place and nearby the Javits Center with enough room to handle a bigger crowd. Our issue is always finding a place able to and willing to accomodate a large group like ours. Feel free to post here or PM me about doing dinner as this has now become an annual tradition for this con. One note about the convention, I saw a graphic recently that San Diego Comic Con was 130,000 attendees in 2012 and NYCC was right behind with 116,000. Not too shabby for NYC.

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    I'm in Mike! keep me in the loop!
    Han ol'buddy don't let me down

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    Same here, Mike.

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    I'll meet for dinner, not going to NYCC though.

    I can even pick up 4 people to bring them to wherever the meeting place is (assuming it's not across the street LOL)
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    Hey, guys. I was talking to people off-forum about this. I live in NYC, and as Mike mentioned, for the last two years I've put together a dinner for any SW collectors (and friends, SOs, etc.) who plan on coming into town Saturday for the convention. I usually make reservations for about 7:30, which gives people working the show time to secure their booths and join us. I've taken to calling it the Star Wars Collectors' Banquet, for no other reason than, well, that's what it is. I'm pretty sure there's a better, pun-infused name... I'm open to suggestions.

    JT: I absolutely DO NOT want to hijack anyone's plans, so if you've got something rolling, by all means, I'm happy to let you pull it together. In which case, count me in +1!

    However, since I do live here, I've no problem with making reservations and stuff once we've settled on some firm numbers. Offhand, I know of two good places for large groups. (Everything gets VERY weird when Comic Con hits.)

    As Mike mentioned, the Beer Authority has been suggested as a possibility. It's closer to the venue and I've heard some good things about it. Never been there, though, so I'd have to do some more research into what they can offer us in terms of space, menu, prices, etc.

    The second is John's Pizza, a giant Italian place in Time's Square. It's a few long blocks away and takes about 10-15 minutes to walk over there. However, they're used to giant crowds -- they only take reservations for groups of 15 or more (or maybe 10 -- whatever, a large number). Food is excellent, prices are reasonable (especially for Time's Square). This is where we ate last time and I think it was a success. (The place we went to the previous year was okay, but kind of expensive and really slow -- not at all prepared for the crowd.)

    Anyway, let me know if you'd like me to run with this, or if you've got plans you'd like to move forward with. Regardless, I'd suggest pushing back the time if possible -- there are a bunch of people who'll never be able to get out in time for reservations before 7. And given the way everything goes crazy around the convention, making reservations -- even tentative ones -- sooner rather than later is a smart idea.

    If you'd like, JT, you can email me directly and we can sort it out and then pop back to this thread with the final plans... stillman (dot) brian (at) gmail. Feel free to drop me a line.

    (We could always do two dinners I suppose, but that seems like a wasted opportunity for everyone to meet each other face-to-face.)
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    I'll be at NYCC again this year, so we may be able to hook up if anyone has something going on (I'll be with my son, he's 13 and pretty and goes to this w/me every year now. He's into SW but the big draw for him at NYCC are the gaming demos and some of the guests). Anyway, you can email me at dave dot trimboli at gmail, or FB me ("David" trimboli -- my profile pic is the one where I'm standing in front of the blue castle w/my wife).

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