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Thread: FS: Large lot of figures and weapons, strange Yak Face

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    FS: Large lot of figures and weapons, strange Yak Face

    Little fall cleaning.

    Lot of 80+ figures and 45+ weapons/accessories. Figures range from nice to real beaters. All weapons are originals. Pretty sure all capes are original, not as sure on them. Some of the capes have arm hole tears. Looking for $200 plus shipping. (Sold)

    Also up is some sort of repro/custom Yak Face. Definitely not original. You can see the bad joining of the torso. $20 plus shipping. (Sold)




    Lot #1 - 28x 1 3/4 deep - $28 shipped in the US (sold)

    Lot #2 - 34x 2 1/4 deep - $34 shipped in the US (sold)

    Obi-Wan Kenobi 20-back - $175 (traded)
    His clear backer wasn't lined up properly when sealed at factory, you can see it sticking out the top.

    Chewbacca 12-back - $175 (SOLD)
    Has major crease from top to bottom.

    Death Squad Commander 20-back - $150 (SOLD)
    The nicest of the bunch. Has vein/crease above the bubble.

    Jawa 12-back - $150 (TRADED)
    Has some wear.

    Stormtrooper 20-back - $120 (sold)
    Mice chewed some holes in the bubble. Figure is slightly dirty because of the holes. Card is really nice though.

    C-3P0 12-back - $100 (SOLD)
    My favorite. Water damaged, wavy card that has become delaminated. Still sealed though and figure looks good.

    Sandpeople 12-back - $140 (SOLD)
    Bubble is crushed, lifting, and cracked at the top.

    R2-D2 12-back - $70 (traded)
    Resealed and missing footer.

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    Interested, PM sent 08/20/13

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    Pm sent re the sand person

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    Yikes, Just woke up to a dozen PM's so bear with me everyone. I'm working through in the order I received them and will get back to everyone who PM'd. I'll update the thread later today but it looks like they may all be gone.

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    You've got A Paypal payment from me. Thanks!

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    The dust has settled and I updated what's sold. Still 4 left.

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