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Thread: NERDBLOCK, Discussion & Trading

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    NERDBLOCK, Discussion & Trading

    I thought I would start this thread for those of us who signed up for monthly subscriptions to nerdblock.
    Discuss our latest packages, trading, etc...
    If you don't know what nerdblock is it's a monthly box that is shipped to you, containing a shirt from shirt punch and other sci-fi collectibles. Check out the link for more info, I signed up and I think it's going to be a great lil surprise every month.

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    Just got my shipping notice, am I the only one who purchased this on here?
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    So I'm definitely the only one who subscribed for this haha.

    Well the kid got the first month of nerdblock, came with a sweet Gremlins shirt, a funko ninja turtle, computer decals and a superman die cast figure. She was super pumped to get a package addressed to her full of little goodies, super cute watching her open it.

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    Any pictures of your loot? I'm kind of interested in the concept.

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    I'll post one tomorrow when I get back home.

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    So my daughter received her second Nerd Block, she absolutely loves getting a package in the mail and it's fun watching her; like a small Christmas every month. As previously requested I took a quick snapshot of her wearing the shirt she received along with the goodies, funko, spawn, star wars, adventure time, etc... lots of good things for a sweetie. Well worth the 20 a month if you ask me.

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    I can't seem to find a nerdblock forum or blind box subscription service forum. Any ideas? I received the March box and do not like the Simpson's figure I received. I'm looking for someone to trade with.

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    This is the only thread for Nerdblock but RS doesn't seem to have any subscribers. I actually discontinued my daughters subscription because she wasn't too impressed with most items.

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    Interesting concept. I think I would be more interested if I was able if you were able to pick a say every month I would get some Marvel item or Star Wars. Otherwise I would just end up donating what I received.
    Why aren't you like other kids? Break-dancing and wearing bell-bottoms and playing the Donkey Kongs?

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    I wrote them when I discontinued my daughters subscription and said that exactly. If a person got a choice of a couple licensees it would make it that much better rather than receiving a lot of stuff doesn't like. My daughter was literally giving away about 90% of what she received to friends and classmates.
    In the end I've determined it's a complete waste of money.

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