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Thread: Price Check: Meccano Ben AFA graded, value?

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    Price Check: Meccano Ben AFA graded, value?

    How much is a Meccano Ben Kenobi 20 back on square card worth, AFA graded 70 (70/80(/80).


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    I sold one 4 months ago, it was ungraded, but it had the tiniest hairline crack in the bottom corner of the bubble not even visible on display. Otherwise is displayed like an solid C8 condition moc.

    I auctioned it off on eBay and it sold for 129,16 EURO (wich was much lower as i expected and i listed it well).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvinroboter View Post
    Yes and the seller asks for more, 200 he wont sell.
    Then I would wait, looking at those examples.
    It's the second easiest Meccano square MOC that's out there (granted that the Jawa is extremely easy to find), so you'll get (a couple of) (an)other chance(s).

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