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Thread: Anakin AOTC LE For Sale 250.00-SOLD-Please Lock

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    Anakin AOTC LE For Sale 250.00-SOLD-Please Lock

    I have an MR Anakin AOTC LE for sale for 250.00 shipped. It comes with original shipper box, plaque and holder, coa, stand and the black saber box, as well as the saber. The free shipping is for U.S. only-anywhere else would have to be actual cost. Thanks!
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    I will sell this set without the stand- you get everything else-for 250.00 shipped (includes original shipper box, saber, plaque, plaque holder, coa and black box with cover)

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    Free bump for a good deal! You can get a case from Kodofett or others for $150 or less.

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    Anakin AOTC LE For Sale 250.00 Shipped

    I have just added the MR stand-no acrylic cover but those are about 50.00- any takers-this is a real good price for this!

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