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Thread: Tri Logo Yoda w/ Orange Snake

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    Tri Logo Yoda w/ Orange Snake

    I'm hoping you folks can provide some info on this figure for me. I received it as a gift when I was younger and was wondering what the story is behind this figure.

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    I'm not sure I know exactly you want to know about it, but a carded tri logo Yoda with orange snake is much harder to come by then a brown snake. Its a good piece. Post some pictures if your able too.

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    I will get some pictures up this evening, but I knew it was supposedly a rare figure. I was curious as to what made it so rare.

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    The orange snake stopped being used after empire cards. To the best of my knowledge there are no Jedi cards with an orange snake. I could be wrong about that but if there is a Jedi orange snake Yoda out there it may be a one of a kind. That would be the reason its harder to find. Tri logos came out after empire and after they stopped using the orange snake. Any yodas with orange snakes on tri logo cards would more then likely had to be left over and they just used them to clear out old stock
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    Here is a picture of the figure...

    I haven't had it graded, but I think it would grade pretty high. The card is in great shape and the figure looks to be in great shape as well.

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    That bubble seems awfully low on the card....

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    I've had it for sixteen years. I'm quite certain it is legit.

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    Its a good piece for sure. Thanks for sharing the picture. I can't speak for the bubbles positioning but everything looks fine to me. It sits a little low but I believe its all legit. The bubble is in good shape for a tri logo which is a big plus. I think its kinda funny they were to lazy to put his belt on him when they packaged it. Good piece either way. So is grading it the plan?

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    I've thought about it. Any suggestions on where to send it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoosepondMonster View Post
    I've thought about it. Any suggestions on where to send it?

    Personally I would use AFA if I were going to get it graded. I don't know enough about UKG to comment on them. AFA is more widely known and more popular than any other places. Are you planning to sell it?

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