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Thread: WTB: Jabba the Hutt Preproduction Items (Vintage or Otherwise)

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    WTB: Jabba the Hutt Preproduction Items (Vintage or Otherwise)

    My focus is Jabba the Hutt, and I've been collecting Jabba stuff more or less exclusively for several years. (See my blog.) I have 99% of the commercially available products for Jabba, so I'm trying to find preproduction items. In particular, I'd be interested in most anything related to the vintage Jabba figure, or molds/prototypes/first shots for newer Jabba figures, or for other Jabba's palace characters (the rancor, gamorrean guards, etc.)

    I've also been looking for the vintage Jabba the Hutt and Rebo Band pajamas for quite some time. Please let me know if you have anything I might be interested in.

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    Hi icruise. We have not met yet. Here is a link to a thread you may be interested in... Read pages 17-18.
    The Pre-production / Prototypes Thread! Index on first page - Page 17
    BornTheYearOf (Tim) has something you may want? : ) The provenance in CONCRETE!
    Hope this helps your focus....

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    Thanks. Strangely enough I just stumbled upon that thread last night, but since it was kind of old I wasn't sure if it was still available. I'll look into it. Thanks.

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    Even stranger that is the piece I now own. Given the fact that the numbers match on the bottom of the head.

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    Raven7dp, Congrats on that, BUT that is not the piece I am talking of. Continue to read the thread. I used your piece (original sale pics) from TimVader (NOT the same Tim) to compare to the proto Tim has...
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    I looked into the item in question, and it's an interesting piece in some ways. But the differences between it and the production Jabba are so subtle (and can only be seen when the item is disassembled) so I don't think I'll be interested in acquiring it. With regard to the vintage Jabba figure, I'd probably be most interested in first shots in non-production colors, etc.

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    Cool, just wanted to give you a heads up on it, in the case that it may interest you. Good luck with your proto Jabba search.
    All my best, Steve

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