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Thread: Price Check: Selling my loose figure set, opinions needed

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    Price Check: Selling my loose figure set, opinions needed

    I haven't collected any Star Wars stuff in years. I've gotten deeper into my other hobbies (Jeep, hunting, shooting) and SW has fallen by the wayside. I'm just about ready to sell my loose figure set. However, I'm looking for opinions on how best to sell and get the maximum amount of money for what I've got.

    First off, I'm replacing a few figures that are in the set from my childhood. I want to hang onto those. Most of the figures are in pretty good shape. The only figure I'm missing is Yak Face. I stumbled across one about 10 years ago for $100 and should have bought it then. I'm kicking myself for not. All the figures have weapons, but I think I'm missing Endor Luke's poncho/belt and my snowtrooper doesn't have the cape. I may be wrong and have to check. Other than that, I think everything is complete, although most, if not all, of the weapons will be repros. (Yes, I will note that when I sell it). I'm also including the Rebo Band figures with this.

    Anyhow, should I sell all the figures, including my POTF figures, as one lot? Or should I pull the POTF and sell them either individually or as a lot, and then sell the rest of the collection as a lot? Also, what can I "expect" to get for this stuff? I've cruised eBay a bit lately and the variances are staggering, anywhere from $500 or so up to $1000. Any advice is appreciated.
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    A set of Figures missing Yak all with Repro Weapons????
    you ain't getting no where near a grand brother haha sorry no offence!
    are the figures even in any sort of displayable condition?
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    Yeah as above, your collection was sounding pretty good until the "although most, if not all, of the weapons will be repros" bit. The weapons are at least half the value of any figure, and repro weapons are worth nothing (to collectors anyway.)

    The vast majority of loose figures with no/repreo weapon are only worth $2-3 each. The POTF figures will be worth more, but again with no/repro weapons, not THAT much more. You're looking at $2-300 worth in reality.

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    So you basically almost have a full set of figures with no weapons aka incomplete. Problem is that the figures are not complete which is what 90% of collectors want unless they are just buying it because it is cheap and they make dioramas. I wouldn't want to hunt down an entire collection of weapons myself BUT that is just me. More experienced collectors could give a better price range, but some of them quoted a set of mint figures minus the last 17 would be around $600-$800 ($1200 or so with the last 17)...I would think more around the range of $300-$400 for all of what you have. There are two ways of looking at it..

    1. Sell it as a whole lot
    - make less money
    + less work for you
    + everything is gone all at once

    2. Sell them individually OR in groups aka ANH, ESB, ROTJ, LAST 17
    + make more money
    - have to make more trips to the post office
    - may take a lot longer to get rid of everything
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    Like the others have said, the repro weapons are a killer. Your best bet is to sell it on here to avoid the fees eBay and Paypal will rape you with. Then it's up to you if you don't mind making a few trips to the post office sell in groups of maybe 10-20 figures or by movie? If you just want them gone and don't want to sell in dribs and drabs sell as a set but $500-$1,000 might not be realistic. Good luck.
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    When I get a repro weapon I send it to the trash compactor. You'll likely always make more breaking up the lot and selling them separately, but it's a lot more time on your end. Depending on the condition. People are right about the repro stuff, it's just a turn off for many collectors. I've bought a few figures that were in nice shape, but had repro stuff and I always told the guy not to even bother sending the repro weapon. then I have to scrounge and beg for the right weapon and end up paying more in the long run.

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    Yeah, I understand the obstacles I'm looking at concerning the repro weapons. When I first started my loose set years ago, I wasn't real concerned about them simply because I didn't think I'd sell it. Now, I'm just not into them anymore. As for condition, most of them are in pretty good shape. When I put the set together, I bought up lots and took the best figures from the lot and then sold the rest. My childhood ones, which will be pulled as I mentioned, have been played with a bit, but I've always taken pretty good care of my stuff.

    Of course, I can always get lucky and with the talk ofthe new movies, I might find some newbie in the hobby who just wants everything right then...I know not much of a chance of that, but possible.

    Thanks so far for the input.
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    I'd rather sell an incomplete figure with no weapon then sell a "complete" figure with a repro weapon. Ditch all the repros and sell the figures as incomplete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi534 View Post
    I'd rather sell an incomplete figure with no weapon then sell a "complete" figure with a repro weapon. Ditch all the repros and sell the figures as incomplete.
    My opinion as well. And you think you are able to distinguish what's real from what's not in your set, I think that approach will help you when selling your authentic items as well. Selling repros at the same time taints the whole group IMO.

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    It's a tough thing to sell, even to a newbie, for a premium. Really look at what is real, especially POTF. The difference in value on say a Luke farmboy is $10-20 with repro, or up to $50 or 60 with original saber.

    Piecing it out will get you more $$ in most cases, but the ones that are ultra common will likely not find a buyer unless near $1-2.

    Find out first what's real and what's not.

    You still might have some that will do well.

    If you sell as a "near complete set with repro weapons" good luck hitting over $400-500 unless their shape is near perfect.

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