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Thread: Star Wars: Rebels Action Figures, Perhaps More Clone Wars?

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    Star Wars: Rebels Action Figures, Perhaps More Clone Wars?

    If there is a Star Wars: Rebels thread that already exists, I apologize. I had a thought this morning, wanted to share. Rebels will be animated like the Clone Wars. Similar style, I don't know. Dave Filoni aboard, great! Figures are sure to follow. My thought was that perhaps we could finally get some of the characters/figures from Clone Wars that were not produced if they are either incorporated into the Rebels' storyline or if Hasbro would go back and incorporate a figure or two into each assortment. This would be contingent on the animation styles and if Hasbro would find this lucrative. Thoughts?


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    Unless the character appears in the show, I don't see Hasbro putting the effort into including any Clone Wars characters in a Rebels line. Even thought they may be in similar styles, I think Hasbro would prefer to put the effort to making figures that tie directly into the show, since kids will probably be more interested in characters from the new show and not one that has been off for a year or two.
    Most Wanted: Realistic Cad Bane, Darth Andeddu, Calo Nord

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