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Thread: FS: Few figures C9/C9+

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    FS: Few figures C9/C9+

    I was gonna start a collection of loose figs but have decided to save up for a nice carded Fett. Got some of these from a couple members here. All the figures are complete with original weapons. Any imperfections are from the factory. These figures are all c9 or c9+! Most would grade afa 85, a couple probably 90. Here's the list:

    Jawa - no COO variant. Absolute mint! $35

    Han Solo small head version - small dot where his head meets his neck. All other paint is perfect! $25

    Chewbacca green pouch variant. Absolute mint! $25

    Luke Skywalker - c9 his limbs are a little off color from his torso. No flaws on his legs or black belt. $45

    Princess Leia Organa - c9+ her limbs are slightly off color from hef torso. Can barely notice. Her cape is perfect. $45

    Obi Wan Kenobi - c9+ perfect figure. No paint flaws on him at all. Just 2 pin size black dots on the back of his cape. $25

    R2D2 - c9+ beautiful perfect figure! No wear on his sticker or chrome on his head. His legs are bright white. $25

    My computer crapped out on me so I can't post pics here unless I use my phone. I do have these up on eBay. Mods, I know you can't post links to your auctions but my username is roushracin. I have many detailed pics of each fig if you want to look up my username. My phone just doesn't take that great of pics. I would prefer to just ship within the United States but we may be able to work something out. PayPal by gift or add fees or money order.

    If anyone would like, I could take pics and text it to them.
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