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Thread: remster_9's WIP customs: Ahsoka, Cad Bane, Lobot

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    remster_9's WIP customs: Ahsoka, Cad Bane, Lobot

    And finally, a few WIPs I'm working on...

    Please feel free to comment!

    Season 1 Ahsoka Tano

    Realistic Cad Bane

    Any ideas on how to sculpt the hat?


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    Neat stuff, look forward to the end result! I was just going to use the revamped Cad Bane head and hat on mine. I dunno what the craft store situation is in your area, but if you can get hold of some of those thin, suede-y leather patches that people put on the elbows of their coats, they make excellent leather goods for figures with the "shiny" side out. No bulky sewing needed, either: get the right pattern, and superglue will bond 'em together instantly.

    Thing is, I got half-way through chop-shopping my "realistic" Cad Bane when Hasbro started releasing "realistic" Clone Wars figures (Ahsoka, Anakin, & Obi-Wan) . . . which they said they'd never do. So now he's on hold and I'm just waiting. Because I hate it when Hasbro makes one of my customs obsolete.
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    Looking good so far.
    No Yuuzhan Vong in the Sequel Trilogy Please!

    The Doomsday Clock nears midnight on the Hasbro SW line...

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