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Thread: Noir Spider-Man

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    Noir Spider-Man

    I've been reading the Marvel Noir comics, and I loved the Noir Spider-Man design from Shattered Dimensions and with MU coming to a close I doubt they're going to make one. I've seen a couple more awesome ones online, but I just wanted to throw something simple together with parts. I also finally learned how to crack GI JOE torsos neatly (vise method).

    Torso/hands: DG Shipwreck
    Legs: DG Duke
    Arms: XM:O Sabertooth
    Coat: Avengers Nick Fury
    Head: I dunno, some RoC Cobra trooper?
    Goggles: TVC Han?
    Mauser: CA:TFA Winter Soldier
    Things I need
    6" IG-88, 4-LOM Titanium Boba Fett helmet
    Have: BF Shocktrooper, various TFA
    "Warning: If your Man is Iron for more than four hours, consult your Doctor Doom...

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    looks awesome!
    Longing for the Good Old Kenner Days where SW Figures were in great supply and everyone was able to find their favorite characters etc..... Hasbro you need to follow this example ! Twitter: @SWChamp

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