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Thread: Toy Hunter on DVD?

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    Toy Hunter on DVD?

    I apologize if this is somewhat off topic, but does anyone know if "Toy Hunter" is scheduled for DVD release?

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    I think Jordan addressed this in another thread. If I remember right he said there is not a projected dvd release because the network wants to gear more towards online viewing. You might search for hollywood heroes and see if you can find his post about it, I don't remember the name of the thread where he said this.

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    I've given up on cable completely, would love to see this pop up on Netflix or Amazon streaming some day.

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    Why? To see Jordan "uncover" the same vintage items over & over & over & over & over?
    CGI Sy Snootles is the antichrist

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    I don't think Travel Channel really does DVDs for their there really a demand for that? I'm pretty sure you can watch full episodes online as seasons finish. Or DVR them and rip them to your computer is an option as well.

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