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Thread: Big Thank you to Artoo_Detour and Dark Sith Lord!!

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    Big Thank you to Artoo_Detour and Dark Sith Lord!!

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    So about 6 months ago I found some POTF MOCS that I wanted to add to my collection. An auction house overseas (I am in the US) was auctioning them off and there was no stopping me from buying them. I should be as easy as eBay correct? At least that is what I thought. It was a bit of a nightmare. There was a language barrier and a bank barrier. So I put out the call for help to any collectors that speak French and English. Dark Sith Lord (Liam) put me into contact with Artoo_Detour (Paul...the mod at TIG). Thank you continue to be very helpful with all aspects of collecting the time. Paul and his wife worked with me on getting this figured out. Both were very patient and very kind. I am sure I pestered them more than a few times. I gave Paul all of my information in regards to the auction house. Paul and his wife ran with it from there and in short......worked out all the problems without involving me much. To you both....I say Thank you and if you ever need anything on my side of the pond please let me know. I am waiting on one more piece to come back from AFA but here is a picture of the first one. You can see why I wanted this piece to add to my collection. To me it graded an AFA 100(It didn't). This is what collecting is all about. Great stories, great toys and great friends you meet along the journey. Paul(sorry I forgot your wives name)....I will repay you both for your help one day. If you come to Star Wars Celebration 7....please let me know.

    Oh and there was a carded Vlix too but the bubble was in horrible condition. One more piece to take off of the checklist. At-At Driver POTF..check!
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    Thanks Matt, glad that everything worked out in the end. Good to see some of your items finally landing

    Cheers Paul The latest on Repro and Original SW action figure accessories! Recognise these toys? Cool toy ads from the 1970s and 80s!

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    Great story about two very helpful members in the community. This is what it's all about!
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    Paul is a total gentleman, nice thread Drakon.

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    Agreed it is nice to see people helping each other out!

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    Love all the positive vibes in this thread. This hobby is jam packed with awesome people.


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