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Thread: FS: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord Green Ranger w/Box

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    FS: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord Green Ranger w/Box

    I have for sale a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Dragonzord with Green Ranger near complete with box. I tried to grab pictures of everything that is included. Missing are the directions, the very tip of the drill and a gray handle for the drill. Everything else is present. The gold shield on the Green Ranger has one of the gold tips broken off. The shield still connects and stays on quite well. The parts and pieces themselves are in great shape with the majority of the sticker wear being around the hands/fingers of the Dragonzord. Check out the pictures yourselves. $25 for the Dragonzord. $20 s/h with the original box, $10 shipped loose. Thanks for checking this out!


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    Price reduced.

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    Price reduced. IM me if interested. Thanks!

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    Price reduced.

    Price reduced. $25.

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    PM received. Payment received and the Dragon Zord is on its way.

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    I sent you a PM

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