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Thread: good place for true vintage weapons to buy (or repro if im stuck) ?

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    good place for true vintage weapons to buy (or repro if im stuck) ?

    this collecting is like the layers of an onion. i thought i didnt care about weapons but now i got some vintage figs coming in i started thinking 'man i want the weapons now!' you learn as you go i guess.

    maybe i wont want weapons for everything but i have a Zuckuss on the way and i'd very much like his gun! should of just bought from ToddG on here but like i said..its layers of onions going on here!

    so can you find a reproductions of his gun by chance? and while im at it i might get some of the common blasters to stick in some other figures but things like the Bounty Hunters id like to have the right ones! i dont care if their repros! that doesnt bother me.

    hope someone knows. im searchin!
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    You can probably get a real one here for a buk or two. I'm not a fan of repros...

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    ya ? from who though? i mean is their a section or someone that sells just guns ? this could be worse cause its only a few figures i got and then realized i should of not done it the way i did but i didnt think i cared until it came over me today. thats how it goes with me! bah. but thats ok.

    thanks !!
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    Just post a WTB page on here and list what you need.
    There is always someone that wants to help out. This is the beauty of REBEL SCUM.
    Try not to go repro if you can help it. Your just funding the wrong people.

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    ok, i get the idea of buying the true stuff. it does feel cool anyway and if it helps out the right people then thats good. but idont think repros are such a bad idea. i mean if u cant get those weapons its an alternative right ? and its better then nothing! so im not overly picky but if i can get true vintage and if its doing what you say then im all for that. i will have to see what i need!

    good idea. the WTBS are posted like crazy in the classifieds here. thanks for the help! im new so i thought id ask were to go for this...

    right on! thanks

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    For someone with your mindset, then I guess repros are not an issue.
    The problem is, that they actually look so darn real that the shadier element of our hobby are often more than tempted to 'neglect to inform the customer' of the weapons reproductive origins.
    Read as : A**holes lie and sell the fakes as real.
    There's the real problem. They are the fecal stain on the white bed sheet of our hobby.
    As has been said, the reproducers are the wrong folks to be sending money too. it will cost more, and in some instances a lot more, but it will be a genuine piece and it's value to both you and any potential buyers down the line will be fortified.
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    well like i said. i do like the idea of true vintage more anyway. i was just saying that if i couldnt or cant find what i want then maybe a repro is not a bad idea. i dont want to spend a lot obviously on a few guns. really i am after the bounty hunters guns i need the most. so if anyone has bounty hunter guns from Kenner and Bespin Guards and whatever else you might have then let me know. i havent made a WTB list yet. just was seeing how this thread goes first.

    i dont plan on selling them. only if i find better ones if i get into this hobby more. i just really want to put my up to date bounty hunters and Kenner ones on the same shelve with new and old vader! that would look awesome!
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    None of the vintage weapons are really RARE. Sure, some of them can be a little harder to track down. But if you're looking for basic stuff, rebel blasters and Bespin guns, they can usually be found here for 3-5 dollars each.

    I don't like repros. Don't use them, don't want them. if you really don't care, then there are ways you can mark them as such. Take a hot pin and stick it through the grip or something, so people know right off it's not original.

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    3 to 5 for one gun! aah, will see. i like what the other guy said. 1 to 2 bucks each. haha. well, at least i learned quick. if i want it this way i should of just got them with guns to begin with! (ToddG) has that on here! lesson learned! saves on doing all this and paying more for a gun. but ah well. i figured this out in a day so its not like i have lots to do. its just a little so it could be a lot worse.

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    Dengars gun - Cheapest and most prolific gun around.
    Fett/IG 88 imp blaster is quite plentiful.
    The long IG 88 rifle is usually quite cheap too.
    Bossks gun, likewise has little demand.
    4 LOM and Zuchuss may require tracking down some, but you may also find a complete version of each for the same money.
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