let me preface everything by saying that I couldn't find a "newbies come introduce yourself" thread, so please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place.
That being said, greetings Scummies!
My name is Samael and I have been lurking here for awhile.

I have just (re)started collecting SW 1:18 figures and am completely enamored with these forums as they have absolutely everything I am looking for.
I don't really know what else to say, I just wanted to make my presence known to you all and say hello, so I guess I will talk about my other hobbies for a sentence or two!
I enjoy collecting figma, Revoltech, sh figuarts, some Transformers, miscellaneous horror toys/figures, specific NECA lines, Living Dead Dolls (a little), and my favorite toys in all the universe- Glyos!
Recently, I've tried taking the minimalist and financially happy approach and only collecting figures that I LOVE, not just characters that I like because of their sculpt.
I have a passion for black metal, so I also enjoy purchasing records and cassettes of bands/artists that I enjoy.

The reason i stopped collecting them last time was because my spark for SW had died down a bit- all it took for me was a Legacy comic and some guy posting on a BST for figures and here I am now.
The second and most important reason why I stopped is because of the amount of frustration I always got when I tried to pose them or keep the weapons/accessories in their hands, which NEVER like to stay in.
Being in the general discussion section, may I ask of all of you to provide me with a 101 on figure collecting, maintaining, and posing?
I am most interested in getting figures to stand/sit/etc. in poses that are not their neutral stances as well as figures keeping their weapons/accessories in their hands, so detailed information on such will make my day!

I think that covers everything I wanted to say and ask, so thanks a ton for your time and I hope you all find me tolerable as time progresses!