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Thread: Blown away by the beauty of the Lili Ledy figures.

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    Blown away by the beauty of the Lili Ledy figures.

    I am very new to vintage collecting and just discovered the Lili Ledy figures and I must say that I was truly blown away. One specific figure that caught my eye was the Boba Fett. I love the dark blue color. I need to get my hands on a few of these. Are there any good resources that you guys can recommend for someone trying to learn about Ledy figures? Thank you for your time!

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    And so it's starts again haha!
    yea Ledy figs rule.
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    ^^^ What he said
    *Pray. For. Mo-Jo.*

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    Thank you guys for the links!! Are there any Ledy info books in English?
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    Only the Spanish one at the moment, but don't waste your money on it!
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