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Thread: Help! Is this a repainted Blue Snaggletooth?

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    Help! Is this a repainted Blue Snaggletooth?

    Hi! I've had several Blue Snags in the last few years, but my concerns are this:

    1) a few pin dots of wear to hands and hair, but almost zero to boots...

    2) paint transfer can be seen on legs as a silvery haze... and big paint over application on inner leg, and possible overpaint on outside of boot in pic #1

    3) limbs are a touch loose, but boots almost seem to perfect. They aren't sticky or have any smell... I would expect a touch of wear hear before hair or hands...

    4) was "original and put back unused" but had blue gun in pic shown next to my black gun for comparison...

    Any help appreciated...

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    Another question would be this: if it was repainted, how much does it affect the value?
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    Judging by the pics I'd say definitely, looks like quite obvious brush marks at the top of the boot. Pretty sloppy paint job.
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    As bluedog said its definitly been touched up for sure, the brush strokes above the boots are a dead give away and would have been impossible to have them come from the factory due to the paint masks they used, id bet the belts been touched up too.
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    To answer Force_guys question..... A fair bit.
    IMHO the original paint complete with wear is worth more for posterity than repaints.
    Who painted it anyway, Micheal J Fox on a rollercoaster? Talk about rough...
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    No doubt that he has been touched up. But I also would like to know how this type of vandalism affects the value? I have quite a few good blue snags and all of them are very faded on the bottom left portion of the belt buckle (his left). I am starting to think that the paint mask that Kenner used made it impossible for the last third portion of this diagonal line to be fully painted. If this is the case it would be a good way for collectors to figure out if their Blue Snagg has been interfered with as the toucher uppers always seem to paint the belt buckle fully. It would be great if anyone out there with a mint Blue Snagg could take a look and either confirm or disprove my theory.

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    As for value, it's ungradeable. If it was a c2 one, it might not hurt much, but if it was an 80, now its junk to most collectors... If $150-200, now probably $75-90...

    I haven't had the issue with the buckle you mention, though...

    For me on this one, silver paint transfer as smudging on the blue was my biggest issue. Also, why no wear on boots if loose limbs and dots of loss on hands, buckle, and hair...

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    A terrible repaint job! You can even see a little paint pool mark on the outside of one boot where the figure must have been laid after painting. Have you actually bought this figure?

    Plus the seller is mistaken / lying about the gun. The pure blue blaster didn't get released till Han Hoth in the ESB line so no way that is the original baggie gun for Blue Snag.
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    With regard to the silver paint it is a little bit too glossy, the original stuff is somewhere between satin and mat. Also I would suspect that even the best loose Blues will have silver paint ware on the corner of the sole and on the line where the two halves of the mould meet.

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