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Thread: Stands for loose firgure display

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    Stands for loose firgure display

    I've just had a loft conversion, so finally after 16 years of modern collecting I now have somewhere to display my ~1,000 figures!

    I did buy about 100 REAL stands several years ago, (just as a trial, planned to get more), but they stopped trading for some reason.

    So what are the best stands to get these days, and from where?

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    Look on ebay. When figures used to come with bases/ stands I saved them all and sold mine as a job lot. I am sure that other people do the same thing. Maybe in the trader sections on this forum even?

    Or even display them without! I have about the same number of figures stood loose on display and probably less than 10 of them actually "need" a stand to stay where they are put.
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    Yes, many figures can stand pretty well without them, some are impossible to stand - I could just use the ~100 stands I already have for the difficult ones.

    But being a bit anal, I'd rather have them all on the same types of stands! I do have lots of various types of stands that came with the figures too, so could use those, but I prefer the clear plastic ones, particularly if trying to display an actual scene, rather than just rows of figures.

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    I have seen some small circular clear ones, but I think they are for the larger vintage peg holes.

    Some of the Saga 1 battle packs came with quite nice, larger, oval clear stands. Those are the type I prefer myself as well, as it goes.
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    My personal preferance is the grey stands that came with Saga collection figures. Keep an eye out on ebay for This Pack as it allows you to add names to the bases and the bases are film specific. I'm hoping to cast some more of them as getting past the 100 figure mark could make this method expensive.
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    All my vintage are on the stands that came with the pride display... and then I bougth 3 more displays when they appeared at 10 and sold of the displays to have enough. best bet ebay and find someone selling them off or new ones that aret too costly.

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    I use clear Protech stands. They have different size pegs so you can get for either vintage or modern figures.
    At .39 cents each (less if you buy 50+) it's a good price.
    the earth collectible toy mall sells them.
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    Thanks guys. The Protech stands are available in packs of 100 for 26.99 - a little pricey - particulary if I want several 100's.

    But they look very similar to the old Real Stands, so could be what I'm after.

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