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Thread: Card cut / tampered with

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    Card cut / tampered with

    Would anyone say that the top left corner of this card has been snipped or is it just me?

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    If you don't have it ask for more pics may be a bent corner rather than snipped off.
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    Yes its been snipped off unless its folded behind, but it certainly looks cut to me.

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    It seems to be a funny shaped card, its not square at the top, it slopes down from right to left, is this common for palitoy cards?
    The whole top hasnt been trimmed off has it?

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    I asked the seller but got no reply,the bidding looks a bit suspect too. Better stay clear .

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    Isn't that a rare " One of a kind , only one known to exist " , bent corner proof corner card. There has to be one of your guys that buys bent corners as a focus because back in the good old days your figure card was bent and you have repressed it into collecting only bent carded figures . The word is that if it's bent on the right side , your OK ..but the Left side ..look out. I can't even discuss what what's if they are bent on the bottom. there is a whole section on gussy's site..check it out .


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    Looks cut and not bent to me...
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    Looks cut. What are your other concerns?

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