I'm looking for the DC Signature Freddy Freeman, Red Hood, and Wally West Flash.
Also looking for JLU 3 packs Mongul/Batman/Wonder Woman and Booster Gold/Blue Beetle/Fire.
And I will be looking for upcoming DC Signature figs, Fire, Ocean Master, Huntress, and Ra's Al Ghul.

I have to trade (all MIB/MOC)
Signature John Constantine
Signature Starman
Signature Uncle Sam and Dollman
JLU Jon Stewart w/ 2 Manhunters
JLU Batman, Huntress, Atom
Apache Chief wave dc classics all 6 MOC
Anti Monitor wave dc classics all 7 MOC
JLU Parademon 2 pack

JLU 4 packs, shazam, gotham criminials, Legion of Super Heroes, Justice Guild, Doom Patrol

Marvel Legends Showdown (3 3/4 " figures) Green Goblin, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Iron Man, Dr Doom, Juggernaut (both variants), Elektra (white variant)


Some star wars stuff, here's my link