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Thread: WTB/WTTF: DC Signature Red Hood, Freddy Freeman, & Wally West Flash

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    For Sale: Marvel, DC, Transformers, Simpons & More

    Clearing out a lot of my collection. This is only box 1 and 2 of probably 50 I am going through. I will have Marvel, DC, Transformers, Simpsons and lots more.

    For Sale:

    Marvel Legends: (MOC unless otherwise noted)

    Zola wave Thunderball (Marvel's Wrecking Crew) $70
    Zola wave Spider-Man (Green Big Time Costume) $40
    Zola wave Spider-Man (Future Foundation Costume) $60
    Zola wave Daken Unmasked Variant $70
    Epic Heroes Iron Man $15
    X-Men Legends Boxed Set (Magneto, Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Wolverine) $85

    Marvel Universe
    NYCC Exclusive Compound Hulk (Red/Green) MIB SOLD
    Giant Size X-Men 1 Boxed Set SOLD

    Marvel Select MOC
    Agent Venom (Disney Store) $35

    Transformers MIB
    Starscream G1 Reissue Takara#22 SOLD
    Reveal the Shield Perceptor $15
    Reveal the Shield Voyager Class Grapple (Solar Storm) SOLD

    GI Joe
    Rockslide with Snow Job Past/Present Boxed Set $20

    Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Talking Krusty the Clown Doll (About 14") MIB SOLD

    Some star wars stuff, here's my link

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    updated 1/16/18. I recently moved and am trying to refocus my collection. I will be updating as I go through my boxes. Thanks for looking.

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