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Thread: Deciding on numbers when creating squads, platoons etc

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    Deciding on numbers when creating squads, platoons etc

    I am wanting to expand my collection by creating the smallest unit (squad) for each type of Clone Trooper, Stormtrooper, Vehicle Crew etc. I'm not interested in building complete armies, just the smallest unit within an army, rather than having just a single figure.

    For example if I wanted to create a squad of Sandtroopers, would I have 8 Troopers, plus a Sergeant or 9 Troopers plus a Sergeant?

    How about a squad from the 501st Legion? How many Clone Troopers would I require? Shock Troopers? Squad of ARC Heavy Gunners etc etc...

    Any information would be much appreciated. Is there anywhere I could find accurate information on the size of the groups that the various troopers, pilots etc operate in?

    Thanks in advance

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    This should help. Scroll down to "Organization and structure"-

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    I arbitrarily decided on the number 6: a commander and 5 others. Why? I think because I had a vague notion of fitting 6 troopers into the Republic Attack Shuttle and other vehicles. There are so many units that 6 is just about right. Even 6 per unit makes for a large collection. With the 501st, I bought all the named clones and the numbers were cast aside. For the 30th Anniversary ARC troopers, I went with teams of 4, usually because I couldn't find them in larger numbers, and because they tended to be more expensive. I saw a guy on YouTube make a good point, though: he decided to collect just ONE unit: the Phase II 501st of course, and then build a sizeable army of them, which is a good idea.

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    I don't worry about squads or anything.

    I have two each of the new Shock Troopers and 501st Troopers to escort Palpatine and Anakin, a a few of the older models if I ever want to display more. Similarly, I have two Senate Guards and two Royal Guards.

    For other clones and Stormtroopers, I have whatever works for my display. Between my Clone Wars and AOTC displays, I have six Phase I clones (I think). My shelves are only three feet wide, so everything is small. I have ten Stormtroopers, at most. I'm honestly not sure how many.

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    Everyone is going to have their own threshold but I did find a random ratio that I liked. For most of my generic grunt army builders that see a lot of screen time I bought five for every film they were in so I own 5 Snow Troopers but 15 Stormtroopers, 15 Rebels but 5 for each of the main suit types, Fleet Troop, Hoth, Endor. If there are ranking officer types I bought one for each rank but kept multiples of 3-5 for the infantry type ranks, i.e. I have one of each AOTC Clone Officer but five white clones. For the ones that saw less screen time I bought maybe 2 or three, i.e I only have four DS Gunners, two for ANH and two for ROTJ. If there is a lot of variety like the Clones in ROTS I just bought a couple of each type since screen time wise each division only saw a fraction of screen time

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