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Thread: "Do Not Bend"

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    "Do Not Bend"

    This post is brought to you by Bendu in honor of FilmMan2010

    Writing "Do Not Bend" on the outside of an envelope, or some haphazard packaging attempt, using flattened boxes you scored at the Post Office, (or a cut up piece of file folder) does not absolve you of your duty.
    You are leaving (sometimes precious) signed photos or cards in the hands of Postal employees, that must have some clue that their jobs won't exist in a short period of time.

    Don't 'just' write "Do Not Bend".....MAKE IT SO! Spend the few extra dollars for a top loader or a sturdy tube, some really thick doubled or tripled cardboard, inside a box full of packing popcorn or bubble-wrap .

    Make it nearly impossible for the Evil Postal Monkey to bend, fold or crease the items you are sending through the mail.

    It doesn't matter if you are sending the piece to a friend to add a signature for you, TTM to a celeb, or if you are sending a sold piece to someone else....Take the time to protect it. Or stand up, be a man, and make it right.

    It's really not that hard.
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    So . . . . Who killed one of your pieces? (Lol). It's funny the amount of times people send me something in a thin envelope to get something signed for them and them I send it back in a new top loader. I don't need to do that, but I would be crushed if something happened.
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    HA! I just got in a pissing match with my mailjerk last Friday for folding a cardback in half and shoving in my mailbox! He said "it didn't have DO NOT BEND on it"! I'm still livid over the ordeal!
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    I agree with this 100 percent! I used to write do not bend like three times all over everything but still once in a while (especially a 8x10 or bigger) would be creased or bent. Protect your investment through the mail! Sorry to hear if a piece of yours was bent or damaged Bendu. Protect whats yours!

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    Great to see you back Bendu!

    I used to have an ongoing feud with our old carrier (rural carriers are the worst!) for folding my stuff…mostly my SW Insiders. Her excuse then was the mailbox was too small, she had to fold them. It was the standard mailbox. So I got one of those big honkin' farmland mailboxes…and things STILL got folded. The excuse then turned to "I have to fold them to get them in the truck." But she got better at it. Her replacement has been a lot better about it, though magazines still come slightly folded. Its nice for packages as we've gotten some mighty large ones in the box. They don't always have to be thrown on the porch.

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    I agree with every word of this posting. This stuff happens all the time with my stuff and it never hurts to pack things
    as well as you can.
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    Ever heard of the Tip O' Texas....seriously, there

    Thanks to all the fellas that go the extra mile with this!!
    This nightmare I think has happened to everybody......smh.....
    I know this isn't folding, but I've had my SW stuff left outside by my door and outside by my bad weather!!!!

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    I won't mail a pic to anyone without at least a toploader and cardboard - there's just no trusting the USPS...too many variables.

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    Ever heard of the Tip O' Texas....seriously, there

    Quote Originally Posted by GMillerCollector View Post
    I won't mail a pic to anyone without at least a toploader and cardboard - there's just no trusting the USPS...too many variables.
    Speaking there a website you guys prefer for some quality top loaders for 8x10s? Never bought any, but I used to buy small ones for gaming cards and I found that they were NOT all created equal.

    Aw man...sorry.......Just found my answer in the autograph index thread.... :/
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    I find also especially with a rural mail carrier, service can be spotty.

    Previously (3-4 years ago) I had a normal size mail box and things would get bent and packages like the ones officialpix uses (the large flat mailers) ended up on the porch...which wasn't covered. To this day i'm wondering how nothing ever got wet. That postman treated my stuff like crap, until one day I kid you not he left a letter in my mailbox "I got some sports collectibles I'd love to sell, I know you love buying them" (I also do sports cards) Needless to say, that guy ended up being fired.

    New sweet postlady and that porch is now covered and you could dock a star destroyer in my mailbox. No problems since. But I have to say everyone should ship an 8x10 between two sheets of cardboard like autograph world does if you're out of toploaders.

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