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Thread: Blue Clone Trooper Lieutenant Statue - SW Celebration VI 2012 Exclusive

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    Blue Clone Trooper Lieutenant Statue - SW Celebration VI 2012 Exclusive

    I apologize if this was covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find it in a thread topic. I am curious if anyone owns this, and their thoughts on it? From the pictures I have seen it looks pretty good and the price is not bad at the moment. I kind of wanted to get back into collecting some Clone GG FS statues and Kotos 1:7 commanders, and this would be a good one to start out with.

    If anyone has photos from their collection to share that would be great too! All thoughts are welcome as looking on the internet I can't find too much out about this piece.

    Here is a link to the best photos I could find, and of COURSE the article is in French so it does me no good .
    GG - Blue Clone Trooper Statue - Page 2
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    Thank you!!
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    I think its a great statue, it's made me want the white standing clone trooper statue coming out soon..., it's a good quality piece, has a nice weighty, chunky feel to it & is definitely good value for money, I'd recommend it to anyone.
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    Could you guys refer to the proper thread, as indicated by the link deathstar1000 wrote above, and post there? This one is only crowding up this area discussing and older item that has its own thread. Could a moderator lock this up, please?
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