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Thread: Bootleg Kenner-style Jumbo 12" Stormtrooper by Crazy Toys:

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    Bootleg Kenner-style Jumbo 12" Stormtrooper by Crazy Toys:

    Curiosity made me buy this. I don't normally buy bootlegs but this seemed too good to be true. I bought this off eBay for 20 with free postage, it's a bootleg of the current Gentle Giant Jumbo 12" Stormtrooper made by a Chinese company called Crazy Toys. To be honest I had no faith that it would arrive, that it's probably a scam and if it did arrive it would look atrocious compared to the photos on eBay. I threw caution to the wind as they say. It arrived this morning and to be honest it looks pretty good, the paintwork is clean and crisp and the plastic is solid and bright white. The only flaw is that the left leg is slightly shorter - hardly noticeable at all. I'm not condoning buying prototypes but with the dry spell of late via Hasbro etc, I took the plunge and bought it because of boredom. I haven't got a Gentle Giant Jumbo Stormtrooper to compare it to but I do have a Vintage 3.75" 1977 Stormtrooper beside it for a size comparison. What do you think?

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    Looks pretty damn good IMO.

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    I agree, that looks great for bootleg! They did a fine job, congrats.
    Always looking for Yoda, Biker Scout, Stormtrooper, Gamorrean Guard and Yak Face items. Especially prototypes and carded figures.

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    I had one of the Gentle Giant Stormtroopers and I now own one of these. This bootleg is infinitely better than Gentle Giant's attempt. Gentle Giant ended up making a rough-textured, hollow vinyl toy that you can see through when you hold it up to bright light. The bootleggers used the same exact materials that the original toy had: solid vinyl limbs and styrene body halves. Also, the bootleg holds the gun very well compared to Gentle Giant's version.

    I'm hoping that the bootleggers end up doing more of these, at least a Boba Fett.

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    I almost bought one of these myself, but was concerned about quality. I think your review is going to make me get one, thanks

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    I love mine! it's so brilliant.

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    I looked on ebay and couldn't find these figure. What should I type into the search?

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    These repros do nothing for me and I'm quite speechless.

    R.I.P. Gentle Giant if rubbish like this keeps getting sold.

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    Who knew that some of the clones had Dysplasia?
    I love Monkeys!!!! my feedback -

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    lol. Good one. I never even looked at the images.

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