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Thread: Thanks to Shawn K

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    Thanks to Shawn K

    Just wanted to post a public thank you to Shawn K. Shawn went out of his way to inform a seller that I would be interested in a piece he had for sale. The seller reached out and 10 min later I have a tough to find piece on its way to me.

    I know recently that there has been a lot of talk of how things used to be, but there are still great people hear helping others out, it just maybe under the radar. So I just wanted to bring to light one member who helped me. Shawn K is one of the good guys.


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    Glad I could help Todd. You were the first person who came to mind when I saw that this piece was being offered. It'll for sure be a great addition to your collection.
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    Too Right Todd, Shawn's helped me out with a few pieces in the past an absolute gentleman of the hobby!
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    Ok Shawn can you find me Toltoys items.........

    That's great that people are willing to help others out. Way to go for contributing Shawn.
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    Great job Shawn. It's always great when people look out for one another. Congrats on the new addition Todd, I can't wait to see it.
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    Shawn did a similar favour for me not so long ago. Old skool! ;-)
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    what was the piece?? .i certain i am not the only curious one.
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    Nice to hear some positive vibes. Nice going Shawn.


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    Also I should thanks Andy_R for selling me the piece as well. I don't have it yet but I am sure it will be perfect.


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