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Thread: FS Sideshow 1:6 Scale Figures

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    FS/FT Sideshow 1:6 Scale Figures

    I have the following Sideshow 1:6 scale figures for sale or trade. All have never been removed from the box (unless otherwise noted). Right now I would probably prefer to trade. I moved in recent months and finally have some great display capability. But of course PM me if interested.

    Han Solo in Carbonite Environment (carefully displayed in a glass cabinet, includes brown shipping box) $400
    Gamorrean Guard (Never opened, with brown shipping box) $300
    Yoda's Hut Environment (Never opened, with brown shipping box) $600
    Endor Infantryman (Never opened, with brown shipping box) $75
    Endor Sergeant (Never opened, with brown shipping box) $75

    Wants: (can be loose)
    Hot Toys Chewbacca (New Hope)
    Sideshow Captain Rex
    Sideshow Echo and Fives
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    added some items and updated some prices. thanks

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    Updated some items that sold. Thanks for looking.

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    Been on the look ourt for the han in carbonite.....and it turns up when I'm moving house aaaargh
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    Updated for items sold and added to my wants list. Thanks

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    Updated list with items sold.

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    Please let me know if your Han in Carbonite somehow becomes available. Thanks.

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    updated post with current haves and wants.

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