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Thread: WTB: Biker Scout MOCs & Tri Logo miscards

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    WTB: Biker Scout MOCs & Tri Logo miscards

    Hi All, I'm looking for some Biker Scout stuff.

    Please PM me if you have any of the following for sale. Cash ready to buy or I have stuff to trade.

    MOCs in C8.5/C9 condition:

    Kenner 77B back MIM
    Kenner POTF 92 back clear bubble
    Palitoy 65A back with rectangular bubble

    Tri Logo Miscards:

    Biker Scout on R5D4 Tri Logo miscard

    Loose Figures:
    Unpainted Lili Ledy Biker Scout overstock limbs.

    Willing to pay good money for any of these pieces

    Thanks for looking

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    Come on guys someone throw me a bone! Any Biker Scout proof cards for sale out there?

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    Very keen to pick up any pre production Biker Scout pieces.

    Also interested in any MINT MOCs to upgrade the ones I have.

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    Hi mate can you send me email address I have 77 back bs card on A card I can send pics , one problem is , afa have graded it 65 bk when it's actually 77 bk cheers Carl

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    Cheers Carl, my email is

    No worries about the misgrading. I do have a reasonably nice 77a already though but the card has a bit of a wave so i'm ideally looking for something C9.

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    Bump! Looking for Biker Scout stuff for my focus.

    Paying good money
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    Bump, looking for Biker Scout stuff, particularly proof cards, sample carded or Tri Logo miscards.

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    Oops double post
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    Looking for a nice POTF Biker Scout in C9 condition with clear bubble. Please PM me if you have one for sale

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