Original framed production material from Field Of Dreams *Beautifully framed and matted in a 30 1/2 x 23" wood frame display with acid free foam core backing
and Tru Vue Conservative Grade 99% UV protection glass" along with a DVD signed by the director on the cover.

Who can forget the famous moment in Field Of Dreams when the son asks the father "you wanna have a catch" and the camera rises above the ball field to view all the cars arriving.
This framed display, comes ready to hang, consists of the following items used to make that famous last shot in the film which was the cars arriving at the farm/baseball field in Dyersville Iowa. A truly historic film lot.
Shoeless Joe was the original shooting title of Field Of Dreams when it was in production in Iowa. It would later be renamed to Field Of Dreams for theatrical release.
Letter of authenticity included from a crew member who worked on the film

1) The original and only 11x14 aerial photo used by the director Phil Alden Robinson to map out the famous last scene of the film where the cars arrive. Has director pen marks on the photo showing proper line up for the cars as they head to the farm/baseball field for the last shot where the son plays ball with the father - Aerial photo was originally folded for easy carry around on the set. The red splotches on the photo are from his dinner that day. Folds are production used.
2) Shoeless Joe Call sheet from the Last shot with a 2nd page attached for Helicopter safety (required after the Twilight Zone accident). You can't see the 2nd page as it is stapled to the call sheet inside of the frame. Folds are production used. Call sheets are handed out to each cast and crew member every day of the film shoot. They tell the cast/crew members what is being filmed, when, where, and who will be needed. They are quickly tossed away during a film and replaced with the next day's call sheet so it's difficult to find them as they are often not kept and never made available to the public during filming.

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