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Thread: MINI REVIEW - Lili Ledy for Beginners Book

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    MINI REVIEW - Lili Ledy for Beginners Book

    Lili Ledy for Beginners Book


    As some of you may be aware a new Lili Ledy guide book has been released, the book is titled... Lili Ledy for Beginners - Research conducted by Dack. Currently the book is only available in spanish however the authors facebook page does mention that an English version is been worked on and should be ready within 6 months.

    The book is currently available from the authors facebook page for $25 each plus shipping. Note that the book weighs approx. 500 grams so shipping to your part of the world may be expensive.

    Book Quality

    Not as professionally produced as previously published guide books like Stephane Faucourt's "Meccano to Tri-logo" or John Kellerman's "Star Wars Vintage Action Figures: A Guide for Collectors ", however I believe this book has been self published by the author.


    The title of the book gives away what to expect from the content "Lili Ledy for Beginners". Whilst it is ideal for fledgling Lili Ledy collectors the more seasoned collector will feel a little let down by the content.

    Sample - Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Pages 66-67

    Sample - Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Pages 66-67 (English Translation by Walkie)

    I've taken the liberty to translate one entry to allow english speaking collectors to assess the information contained within the pages of this latest guide book. The translation was done using google translate therefore my attempt does contain several grammar errors. Note this in no way reflexes the final english edition of the book which is due to be published.


    Whilst the book is a good starting block and covers several major variants like the Burgundy Cape Bib, the lack of basic variant information on others figures is disappointing. For example simple things like material and colour variants might be mentioned but are not backed up with photographic evidence.

    I hope that future editions will build on the foundations of the first book and additional information will be added.

    Noticeable missing entries are Max Rebo and Jabba the Hutt, which I feel should be considered as action figures.

    Anyway please judge the book for yourself using the translated pages above and make up your own mind.

    I will continue to use and help to contribute towards what I consider the No.1 Lili Ledy resource on the internet, link below...


    Mini Review by Walkie 18/07/2013
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    "The color of the face has a brilliant ending"

    Some great Engrish there!

    It looks from the scan that the COO stamp isn't visible on the photo, is this the case in the actual book? Also is the focus on loose figures rather than carded?

    Apart from these figure pictorials what else is in there?
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    Blame google translate for the bad English

    The book focuses on loose figures only, no MOC or vehicles. My scan isn't far off the print quality, and the COO isn't visible on my copy of the book.
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    Thanks for the reply (and indeed thanks for the mini-review) of the book. I probably would have been a buyer for this a year ago but since have pretty much self-educated myself over Ledy figures (the TIG thread linked has been a great resource) and am not sure how much more this beginners guide would offer that I don't already know. Still, i'd be interested to take a look at a translated version if it's produced as I do really like the Ledy variants.
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    Thanks for making this review of the book.

    Sad that a lot of the basic variations are not included, eg. the different capes of Luke Jedi (I can see from your sample page, that these are not included, just mentioned). Therefore I also doubt the light green Yoda and Leia Bespin with lightbrown hair are included. I'm sure the book will be fine and that the author have made a great job, but maybe he should have consulted high end Lili-Ledy collectors like Horacio (Ozio), Cristian (Mr. Ledy), Carlos and Luis Galvez. I'm sure they could have provided great information and pictures.

    I might still buy it, even with the lack of important Lili-ledy variations.
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    Therefore I also doubt the light green Yoda and Leia Bespin with lightbrown hair are included.
    Happy to sell my copy if anyone wants it?
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    Good review Walkie. Thanks for the info, I was going to buy it but now I am not so sure...

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    Believe me when I say I could have easily made a more negative review. Hopefully I supplied enough info along with a sample so that other collectors could make up there own mind when comparing it to the current alternatives.
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    I personally didn't like this book. My main grudge was the quality and scarcety of the pictures and the little information surrounding each figures. Somebody in Mexican groups commented that there were errors in the text. And yes, it was self-published.
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