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Thread: NECA - The Simpsons Celebrity Line

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    It would be nice to see a Simpsons line again, minus the voice chips which added to the cost of each figure. So many options they could make but I don't know if a Simpsons line would do well in this day and age?

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    true. although I know that the Kidrobot line is still active if that matters any.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    Not the same as an action figure unfortunately.
    Agreed. I'd love for them to do more celebrity waves. Especially since the BossToneS appeared in the latest season. They're my favorite band. Always wanted them in some kind of action figure form lol
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    As was said above the Playmates editions just didn't work. (Although I own almost all of them.!) It would have been better if they had just made figures like the original Mattel Line!

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    eh, I wouldn't go so far as to say the Playmates figures didn't work. they had very limited articulation but I would prefer that to a bunch of unsightly joints (which would probably be a lot more visible given how undetailed cartoon figures can be). it's not like the Simpsons characters are in need of a lot of dynamic action poses either.

    also I don't know why I'm hoping for another toy company to bleed me of more money but such is the mind of the toy collector. it was probably seeing this picture that made me wonder what a NECA-sculpted Simpsons line could look like:

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