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Thread: 12" Jumbo Vintage Kenner Wampa Figure

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    12" Jumbo Vintage Kenner Wampa Figure

    Well, I was mocked for suggesting this in another thread, but it seems it really could be a reality. This will look AMAZING and I'm really looking forward to seeing the box!


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    Very cool
    Always looking for Yoda, Biker Scout, Stormtrooper, Gamorrean Guard and Yak Face items. Especially prototypes and carded figures.

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    I won't be getting one, but it's a pretty neat looking piece.

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    I've only purchased the R2 jumbo figure... but those Hoth figures look great. I have a cabinet with Hoth items and will probably not be able to resist the urge to add those.

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    Nice but easy pass for me.
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    Space is getting to be an issue but that Wampa is pretty great looking.

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    Double the size figure, I'm thinking double the price? Looks great, will have to purchase. Have every one released so far, so why stop now!
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    I agree with you Eddy... its like Star Wars crack to me... Ive been drawn to this line from the first day.. I figure if I get em all.. no way in the world will I be able to display them all at once carded... so you change it up seasonally/holidays!!! Hoth in winter... aliens n such for haloween.. kinda give you a reason to "Play" with your collection room n keep it fresh. The line has its issues yea.. but I personally love it.

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