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Thread: Local Toy Show Reports

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    Local Toy Show Reports

    I thought this would be a pretty cool thread to discuss what you find and observed at your local toy shows across the globe.

    If anyone lives in the Midwest, particularly in the St. Louis Missouri area, there is a great toy show every other month called 'The Toyman Show'. The most recent one was this past Sunday. I try and go a few times a year to these. There is everything you can imagine for toys. Toys from every generation, board games, dolls, Hot Wheels, Star Wars, GI JOE etc.

    This show seemed to be all about Vintage. I talked to many people at the show and more and more people are looking for vintage Star Wars. Not only were people looking, but there are a lot more sellers that have a lot of vintage, especially MIB or MOC. I have never seen so many MIB vehicles and MOC figures at the show before. Really got me excited to see all these examples. I even managed to pick up a MIB Slave 1 and a MIB Speeder Bike! The boxes are near perfect and the vehicles are complete. I already have them displayed!

    I wasn't sure what to believe from the forum when people were talking about how hot Star Wars toys are right now but after attending the show, I now believe that a lot of people are really looking to collect the vintage line, especially MIB/MOC.

    Thanks for letting me share my small report. What have you guys seen at your local toy shows?

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    Well, they have a sports cards and collectibles show up my way every long weekend in Hamilton. Lately I have been seeing the same thing as Bob, lots more vintage and way more Star Wars going on. Seems to be a resurgence. The prices get pretty high I find, thankfully the main sellers are my two buddies... ha!

    I also went to the Niagara Falls comic-con, but it was horrible. I believe I saw a fake VC Jawa with a $400.00 price tag on it. Either way the white SW TIE with box at $200.00 was overpriced. Basically, don't go to comic-cons looking for vintage, stick with the smaller shows with low priced tables. Better deals to be had at those ones.
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    I have been going to a local toy show here is Dallas for a couple months and its actually kinda nice. There is one seller who has a good selection of vintage and its not too highly priced. There is a couple people selling major fake recards though :/

    I picked up a Paul KISS Mego action figure and an ESB 48 Back Ackbar Offer MOC in great shape for $75. The guy had just picked up a big lot of ROTJ carded figures and didnt really have pricing down yet. Almost got a Luke Jedi for $65 but the card was splitting.
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