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Thread: Ford Force Course

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    Ford Force Course

    A Raptor with Vader on the side....nice!
    inter arma silent leges

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    I'm hijacking your thread for another comment about the "Course of the Force" event overall (VERY cool looking truck, BTW).

    Molly Quinn, from TV show CASTLE, ran the course as Mara Jade, and looks AMAZING in the role!

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    We have a guy in the Central Garrison out of Iowa that has a Ford Raptor with the EP3 armored vader skinned on it. It's been autographed by a bunch of the cast as well including george lucas. Heres a link to 30 pics of the truck. Nice looking truck too. Love the Han carbonite in the back. He has an external sound system as well that does the vader breathing, plays music and also has a fog machine that shoots out when the rear hatch is opened. It's fantastic and we love it in our parades.

    Photos of a Star Wars WTF Ford Raptor truck : theTHROTTLE
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