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Thread: Great purge part II

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    Great purge part II

    Starting another purge round. Going to start with 12" figures (no not dolls ) I am open to reasonable offers and will discount based on bulk buys.

    All listed are loose and complete and in great shape as they were kept in a glass cabinet that was 7' X 7' X 2'

    Many more to be added just adding slowly

    POTJ Bossk $20
    POTJ IG-88 $25
    ROTS Barris Offee $25
    ROTS Shaak Ti $25
    Saga AT-ST Driver $30
    Target exclusive Biker Scout & Speeder Bike $60
    Target exclusive Gungan & Kaadu $30
    VOTC Boba Fett $40
    VOTC Stormtrooper $25
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