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Thread: Time for a Jedi Knight/Master Luke Skywalker

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    Time for a Jedi Knight/Master Luke Skywalker

    Anyone else think its about time GG does a statue version of a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master Luke either from ROTJ or the EU

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    If they're doing another Jedi Knight Luke, I want the hood up.

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    Personally I think they've made more than enough Luke's really, there are loads to choose from & I'd like to see Gentle Giant start to make a few of the many characters they've never made even one of before!!!
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    I agree with Kevb on that one Luke has been done more than enough now and I think companies should start looking into some other characters that still need to be done. Plus they have already released a Luke this year so I think that's enough for now at the very least.
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