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Thread: OT : Aussie Fan Film Strikes Back (again....)

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    OT : Aussie Fan Film Strikes Back (again....)

    Sorry for the delay, I have had a lot of external contact from some members chasing me up to get this new link up.
    If not posted already here it is. A fan film a long time in the making by some long, long time Australian vintage enthusiasts.


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    Ha! nicely done, especially like the Utespeeder and the way you paid homage to Mad Max with the colour scheme.

    Great job!
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    this is only the trailer, the full flick is around 30 minutes plus IIRC.
    my good friends who made it had the preview screening a while ago, no word on a "release" date yet.

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    Good to see! JJ's got nuthin on this one.

    What a rippa, mate..
    Good on ya cobber..

    Let us know when the jobs done will ya?

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    Bloody Awesome

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    guys just got told by my mate they will have the full flick up in about 6-8 weeks. if there is a new link or update i will let you know.
    the trailer in my view still doesn't do justice to the final cut and the work they put into it.

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    Cheers cobber,
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    While I love the effort I actually am not a fan of "Occa" movies. But I am sure there is a huge market for this, so you've done well.
    Aaron B.

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    This is the grouse. Only Aussies will get the X4 VB reference... Thanks for sharing!

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    Star Wars Downunder Fan Film - YouTube

    if this has been posted apologies. here is the link to the full flick now on YT.

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