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Thread: If you could do it all again.....missing out on that deal!!

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    If you could do it all again.....missing out on that deal!!


    With many long time members all posting for the first time in ages,CE2 fast approaching and buzz generally good I thought I'd post a "What if?" Thread.

    First the parameters

    1)this is not a time machine/go back to '78 thread and all the toys are readily available.
    2)you have your own collection that you have now in 2013.
    3)you have $5000 dollars/4000 and not a penny more.
    4)you can't go back BEFORE you made your first post on RS

    So many of us have bought items that we quickly sold on or regretted buying and lost money on,shifted focus etc. And maybe sold on items before the market got hot and made a killing!!
    Or when items were easily got for a cheap price that suddenly skyrocketed and became scarce.

    So it's the day before you sign up on RS.
    But you do know where the hobby will be in 2013.

    So with me it's January 2003.

    I remember 2 major regrets from my earliest vintage collecting days.

    I was Christmas shopping for my 2 young(at the time)daughters in December 2002 and at the time only had a few pieces of Vintage. I had a nosey in the boys discounted toy aisle and to my surprise along with the JP stuff they had a load of ROTJ figures,mini-rigs and a few ships(X-wings and Snowspeeders)that were on sale for pennies. It was obviously lost stock that was found(maybe a couple of cases)and this wasnt a chain toy store....more like a discounter.

    I remember thinking....Wow....I must come back and buy some of those!
    I did, about 3 weeks later,but some other collector had beaten me to the punch. And wiped the entire stock out!! my first Memorabilia show in the UK,in 2003 there were 20 Trilogos about 10 deep on 3 huge pasting tables. Nobody was buying!!!I estimate there were several hundred including nasty miscards!!!
    At the same show there was a complete set of carded GLASSLITE for about 50 quid a pop!!

    I wish I had just sprung for all of that stuff when I had the chance.

    What deals did you let slip??

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    I only regret what I didn't buy

    mostly I should have bought more prototypes from the earth about 10 years ago. I particularly regret not buying the DT saber sprue that a particular Swede bought. I'm glad it went to a great collection though...well sort of. please check this out!

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    I too regret MANY of the deals I passed up Ive never passed up a deal thinking it wasn't worth it or what if these are worthless in a few years. If I passed on a deal it was only because I didn't have the money at that moment to grab them Being your giving me $5000 I would have bought more prototypes, proof cards and coins. I've been on the forums here since early 2001 and I've seen some amazing items at amazing prices, especially back then.
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    Oh boy, there have been a lot over the years. The most recent, and probably one of the most depressing, is actually a fairly small item. There was a FS thread that the seller listed the mail in display stand, with decent background for only 10.00! I jumped on the chance, only to find out I had been beat by mere minutes. LOL If only I had logged on 5 minutes sooner!

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    I would go back to Celebration 1 and I was the first person to see the potf hand painted protos including yakface and all of them had the circle color samples. The yakface was 1k and most the others were 300.00 each kills me to this day. There was like 10 total potf figs. The lady also had boxes of tri logos 5 for 100.00 and they were in great shape.

    I have never regretted buying a vintage star wars item, but there have been many newer items I bought that I never should have.


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    I search eBay multiple times every day for things for my Jabba focus and one day a few years ago, some guy had put some vintage Rebo Band pajamas for a pretty low buy-it-now price. They were used, but nice. I clicked buy-it-now immediately, only to find that someone beat me to it by seconds. This wouldn't be that big a deal, but I've never seen another one since then! (In related news, anyone know where I can get some Jabba the Hutt or Rebo Band pajamas? )

    There was also a Jabba the Hutt "gum parker" that somebody had made (I assume it was one of a kind -- basically a ceramic plate where you could "park" your chewing gum overnight). At the time, I wasn't as crazy about Jabba stuff so I didn't bid very high, and ended up losing when it sold for around $25. Losing that still bothers me to this day!
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    Aside from buying a fake hc from smcwilliams in 2009, I don't have many buying regrets from my time on RS.

    But if I can take that $5000 back to my earlier days on rasscv, there's plenty of things I would have differently. I think around 1994 there was a legit rocket Fett being offered in the newsgroup for $2000. I remember Gus vouching for it so I wasn't worried about its authenticity. I just thought $2k was a hell of a lot of money for it at the time so I didn't pursue it. Then there's that incredible preproduction sales list that Derby posted in the group. Most of the good art had already been sold but I remember seeing the photo art for snaggletooth on that list for around $2k. But I was still in college at the time and 2 grand was way too much money for me to spend. And I thought photo art was kind of overrated back then anyways. LOL! This is another one that stings, maybe around 98-99, an eBay seller named "saleo" posted on the group that he was selling a vintage painted hardcopy Luke Stormtrooper with paint swatches for around $700. I think he was a former Kenner employee. I needed to check my bank account to see if I had the funds to buy it. It only tools a few minutes, but by the time I got back on the computer, it was gone. I think that piece is in Seattle now. This last one also sucks. I bought a Collect All 41 hanger for around $300. Displays were really hot at the time. I forgot who it was, but someone on the group really wanted my display and was offering me a carded Blue Stars for it. I turned it down and as the years passed, the display market tanked while Uzays became the coolest thing since sliced bread. So I basically could've gotten it for $300 in trade value.

    So for roughly $5k, I could have acquired a rocket Fett, the photo art for Snaggletooth, a Luke ST hardcopy, and a carded Blue Stars. I've learned my lesson now which is if something feels like its too good to pass up, don't pass it up. Trust your instincts.

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    Good thread, with the conditions attached especially.

    Mine relates to availability rather than value. A few hardcopy pieces which I had opportunity to buy but passed as was quite new to hobby, a few items where I'd been told very recently before that I'd receive first offer (and didn't) etc.

    I think it's also good to think on the positive side though. There's probably a far lot more that you have now which would cost a fair bit more now AND generally, perhaps wouldn't have the opportunity to buy now. I definitely have pieces in my collection which fit that description.

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    In general, no real regrets.

    What I should have done back in 2000-03, was buy more action figure cromalins from Tom N. when he still had a lot left, at great prices. Still, many collectors at the time were sniffling over having to pay $500-600 (maybe $1000-1300 for a SW or unproduced POTF action figure cromalin) for most ROTJ/Revenge/POTF/Droids cromalins

    He offered them on a silver platter to all of us at very fair prices, coming from a bonified Ex.Kenner employee that wasn't super secretive to other collectors online
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    The one thing I wish I had bought and I passed up happened in 1998. I was stationed at Sheppard AFB, TX in Wichita Falls. I went to all of the toy shows in Plano, TX while I was there. I remember one show I attended had some of the nicest Star Wars items I had ever seen. I passed up two C9.5 12 backs (C-3PO and R2-D2, beautiful & unpunched) for $200 each. But the one thing I spent most of my time at show pondering over was a mint loose DT Vader for $600. At the time, I was just an airman and didn't have much money so I passed it up.

    Never had any regrets over any SW items I passed up, just wish I bought the Vader. But I'm a proud owner of one now, so nothing lost...just had to pay more for the one I own.
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