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Thread: Some stuff for sale! LOTR, super heroes

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    Some stuff for sale! LOTR, super heroes

    Clearing out some stuff. All are loose with all pieces. Prices don't include shipping. Contact me if interested. Buy all and I'll pay shipping in the US.

    Uruk lot - 10 uruks (no white hands) all with various armors and weapons and 2 seige balistas and 3 of the balistas from the poly bag se5 $50
    Rohan soldier lot - 10 rohan soldiers with accessories $50
    Eomer x3(horse and all accessories) $8 each
    Soldier of the dead x1(complete) $10
    Orthanc throne set - complete with figures $10
    Weathertop - no figures $15

    Daily Bugle Showdown - comes with spider man venom and JJJ only. Complete structure and doom jet $30

    Chitauri army - 2 generals with air sleds and 2 soldiers with guns $10

    baseplates lot - 3 3232 green and 1 16x32 dark bluish gray. $10
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    I want the Chitauri, PM on your way
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