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Thread: Ever a gaderffii?

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    Ever a gaderffii?

    Hey all,

    I got a Raider off of evil bay. This is the weapon that came with him. Im pretty sure its not the original weapon. Am I correct? Any help would be great! Sorry for the blurry pics.


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    Looks like the Rancor Keeper weapon to me.

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    Yes, this is the Rancor Keepers staff and not the Tusken Raider Gaderffii
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    Thanks guys! I knew it wasnt, but I couldnt remember whos weapon it was.


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    Could also be Fabake!!
    i would check loads of repro Rancor Keeper Staffs about!
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    I got burned with the same thing - it wasn't obscured in the pic, but it was just after I got back into collecting and after so many years of not seeing it, it looked right. Easier to buy another one with the right weapon than get the weapon separately off the same site in my opinion.

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